Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hi everybody!

I am eTwinning Ball and this is the story of my adventures with quite a few eTwinners in the spring of 2011!
You may wonder why I decided to blog. Well, to be honest, sitting as I am now on a Portuguese teacher's desk at her home, I realise I can't wait to meet all the students involved in what I am told is one of the most amazing eTwinning projects ever - "Celebrating eTwinning Football Across Europe"!
So here I am, embarking on a journey that will take me, and you, and everybody else who is reading, throughout Europe, eager to meet the young football players and cheerleaders, their parents and teachers, their friends and supporters - I am even looking forward to meeting the referees!
Keep your fingers crossed for me, so that everything goes perfectly, and let your feet dance around me, my friends!