Thursday, March 17, 2011

First Match!

So the first match was yesterday, and what an amazing success it was!
The Portuguese students, teachers and parents enjoyed themselves a lot with the eTwinning Football Matches kick off!
It all started on 16th March, at 03:15 pm in the Portuguese school's gymnasium as it was raining quite a bit outside! They carried me carefully to the gymnasium, and then we started our 'dance'! Players and me, cheerleaders and audience, fun and fair play!
The school's drum band and the cheerleaders' group did the opening, followed by the Portuguese national anthem. Then, both team captains and the referee toss the coin and the game began. 
I liked the 'dance' a lot, my movements through the air felt like flying again, and now I am already on my way to Spain, where another sensational match awaits me!
The Portuguese school's team beat the European team 5-3, but it was an exciting game - 8 goals in a match! - and both teams worked really hard to do their best , kick me skillfully and score goals!!!
The cheerleaders were great! They supported their team all the way through and performed their choreography at the beginning, in the match's break and at the end.