Saturday, May 14, 2011

More questions answered

I was thinking of answering some more questions the students have asked me!
Look at the wiki with the questions:
So I already answered a few, now some info on my family and more!
  • I have thousands of brothers and sisters!!! I don't know how many we are, but we surely are many!
  • I learnt how to use a computer by watching the Portuguese teacher Helena doing it! As for writing the blog, it was no big deal once I got the hang of using the computer. I understand almost everybody blogs nowadays, so here I am too!
  • I usually travel by plane and by car - and I am not afraid of travelling this way, nobody should be, planes and cars are quite safe, you know!
  • The best football fields, in my opinion, are the natural ones, I mean with natural grass - even if it is planted on the special place and then cared for constantly. I bounce and dance better on this kind of fields.

  • Photo taken from by @europeaantje, used under a CC Attribution Non-Commercial licence,

    In the meantime I know the match in Slovakia got played (on the 11th), without me sadly :-(, still I managed to obtain a few photos, take a look!

    eTwinning Ball